Forsyth County, GA to Atlanta Airport

Last Sunday I took a trip from my home to the airport, roughly 50 miles, mostly interstate.  I was really concerned about the degradation of mileage range estimates due to the number of miles on the interstate.  The vehicle, from full charge (109 miles) arrived at the parking deck with 48 miles left, which was a degradation of 12 miles.  I drove the speed limit (65 mph for ~18 miles and 55 mph for ~25 miles) and the most concerning thing was dodging traffic along the way.  On the way home, the vehicle performed much better as far as estimates go.  The vehicle started with a 103 mile range and I drove 49 miles home with 54 miles left upon arrival.  I did exit the interstate 2 exits early and took back roads home.  I believe this reduction in highway miles made a noticeable difference.  We’ll see how well these stats hold up moving forward.

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